Spot Free Mobile Wash

Automobile Dealership Washing

One of the greatest frustrations of running an automotive dealership is keeping your inventory looking top notch and ....Spot Free! Supervision and turn over of lot wash crews, the cost and maintenance of equipment, and the weekly grind of keeping the cars clean can be draining to an owner or manager at best. Let Spot Free Mobile Wash eliminate the headache for you. In most cases we offer a cost savings over lot wash crews and we will be on and off your lot in a matter of hours rather than days.

Each Spot Free Truck has a water purification system incorporated into the unit which offers fast and perfect results, better than if a car is shammied down. There is simply nothing left in the water to cause spotting on your cars, strictly H2O!

It is not uncommon for one of our trucks to wash over 2000 cars in a week! So no lot is too small, and none too large!

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