Owner Support System

Customers and Employees

Sales and Marketing

We offer an industry specific approach to help you build and strategically maximize your customer base. By classification type, we have available:

  1. Targeted leads
  2. Telemarketing promotion and appointment set-up
  3. Direct mail
  4. Hands on training of industry specific face-to-face sales calls
  5. SpotFree radio jingle recordings
  6. Promotional handouts and flyers

Our six month sales support is built into your initial cost. We will be with you for training on a monthly basis while you are getting off the ground and building your clientele.

Human Resources

Customer Service

Acquiring the business is one thing, maintaining and nurturing your customer relationships are another. We have systems built into our program that will help keep you in top standing with your clients. We will assist you in systematically building report in your relationships that will enhance reputation and in turn increase customer base and profit.


Why partner with Spot Free? Every new business must go through a period of growth typically consisting of "learning by the school of hard knocks." We have taken most of those difficult headaches out of the equation for you. We have been through them, learned from them and will pass our experience and knowledge on to you. Virtually every aspect of the Spot Free Business Opportunity will be accompanied with a training format. Remember, our success is completely dependent upon your success!



Our Pressure washing systems are built with over 20 years of use experience going into their design. These systems are the most user friendly and ergonomically designed systems on the market today for professional end use. They are manufactured for industrial strength utilization in mind that will stand the test of time and the workload of the most ardent of operators.


One of the keys to any business success is keeping operational costs down. While we incorporate only the highest quality products and parts in the manufacturing of our Spot Free Pressure Washing Systems; Preventative Maintenance of any machinery is absolutely essential in extending the use life to its optimum potential. Our maintenance programs are designed to maximize the life of your equipment at minimal cost.


Half of the work in any job is making sure that you have the right supply. With twenty plus years of testing, use and manufacturing, we have narrowed our use of chemical, tools and equipment to the finest available in the market place. Having said this, we are always on the hunt for next latest and greatest cutting edge innovation in order to bring new ideas to our Spot Free Business Owners to assist them in their quest for success and profit.