Regulatory Compliance, Security and Safety

When you become an employee or business partner with SpotFree you will be trained to use these skills to differentiate your business from the competition.


  • A SFMW Management System with technology and documentation that will help you manage a successful business
  • Insurance coverage to protect you from liability
  • Maintenance and best use practices of your equipment


  • Many companies require Pre Employment Drug Tests, to access and work on their premises
  • Planning how to control loss, avoid hazards and limit accidents
  • Employee training program of proper work and use procedures
  • Scheduled tailgate meetings for review of OSHA requirements and potential safety hazards


  • Employee screening and training
    • 7 to 10 year background check
    • Drug screening
    • Photo ID badges issued
    • Uniforms issued

EPA and Water Regulatory Concerns

Knowledge of national, state and local regulatory compliance is of critical importance when operating a washing business today. To safeguard the interest of our customers as well as our own organization it is imperative that we stay current on new regulation and to incorporate needed changes into our best management practice.

For this reason, we submit an overview of our working practices and procedures to the appropriate regulatory agencies for review to insure that we are meeting minimum requirements of doing business within the confines of their jurisdictions.

  • Knowledge of requirements
  • Site assessment: Identifying run off potential, storm water drains, sanitary sewer drains and understanding their function
  • Determine methods of recovering and or diversion to porous substrate to insure filtration
  • Capturing of effluent, slush or solids
  • Lab analysis of substance when required
  • Proper disposal method